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Ecoustics Campaign

Identity Design, App Design, Advertising, Wayfinding

Ecoustics was designed to provide individuals attending music festivals a more environmentally sustainable experience. The hope is to serve as a resource to educate how to be and how to stay sustainable throughout the entire festival as well as take the knowledge learned and it apply it outside of the festival grounds. Eventbrite surveyed over 1,000 individuals in North America in 2016 who had attended a festival in the past 12 months and found that 70% of individuals were aged 18-30 years old.

Among this group of people, as well as others in attendance, approximately 110 tons of waste in generated at a typical three-day music festival. Ecoustics wants to educate festival goers on how much waste is being generated and how to practice being sustainable while being at a festival. Hopefully, through this process, festival goers will learn sustainable practices and be able to apply them in their daily lives away from the festival grounds.

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